Vision/ Goal/ Objectives


“Prosperous Society, Happy Citizen” Building a society of being inhabited by a prosperous citizen with equal opportunities, healthy, educated, dignity and a high standard of living.


“Build a foundation for upgrading in the development of a society with a high income level”

  1. For Prosperity: High and equitable income, human capital formation and full utilization of potential, accessible modern infrastructure and its accessibility, high and sustainable production and productivity.
  2. For Happy: Advanced and dignified life, safe, decent and justice society, healthy and balanced environment, good governance, good democracy, social security and respect


  • Enhance quality and modern infrastructure, increasing productive and dignified employment
  • Build a groundwork of prosperity while reducing poverty and achieving high sustainable and inclusive economic growth
  • Supporting to maintain quality health and education, healthy and balanced environment, social justice and accountable public service
  • Assisting in the strengthening of the federal governance system, making citizens feel advanced and dignified living
  • Protecting society’s self-respect, freedom and citizen’s interests by supporting socio-economic transformation and building an independent national economy.

Target Group

Disadvantaged, marginalized, underprivileged and Dalit community, vulnerable groups, women, children, adolescent and climate vulnerable groups are prime target groups of HuRENDEC focuses for peace and prosperous community.