Human Rights and Environment Development Centre (HuRENDEC) is a leading non-profit making Non-Government Organization (NGO) established in 1997 AD and registered in Kalikot district, Nepal. Since its establishment, the organization is working to uplift rural livelihood and public awareness through various interventions with support from different stakeholder and donors. HuRENDEC primarily have expertise on social mobilization, program implementation, policy advocacy and program monitoring. HuRENDEC also have experience on climate change adaptation and mitigation approach which is major theme of HuRENDEC to address issues of climate vulnerable groups.

Thematic Areas

HuRENDEC has been working on need-based action oriented multi-disciplinary areas through social mobilization especially focusing on Human Rights, Lobby and Advocacy for the rights of women, children and socially disadvantaged groups. Relative to time, it has been conducting the project by determining the core areas like livelihood, micro enterprise development, good-governance, climate change, disaster Risk Reduction, Rehabilitation/ Recovery Response, Natural Resource Management and Environment friendly rural infrastructure, Sustainable Utilization of (natural) Resources, Promotion of Renewable Energy Technologies, climate change adaption, children, adolescent, women and empowerment in a comprehensive way.

Historic Success

HuRENDEC has just stepped for awareness campaign and some of the activities of livelihood in initial phase. As the time passes, it took a rhythm of new ideas as well as burning issues. Over the years, HuRENDEC has been successful in developing and transforming itself to a professional organization that is able to carry out development projects independent of any political, religious or racial considerations and in striving for sustainable results enriching equitable benefits to its target groups. HuRENDEC has successfully implemented more than 30 projects, multiple professionals with diverse background and their support is crucial to complete all program and projects.


HuRENDEC has served to 205,980 disadvantaged, marginalized, underprivileged people from 28,305 households of Karnali Region. HuRENDEC has supported 29,750 women and men (from below poverty line and marginal subsistence households) in improving their life standards through agro-based micro enterprise development activities. 2,975 vulnerable children are re/enrolled to school for formal education and mobilized in awareness raising activities formulating child clubs.


HuRENDEC has strong linkage and collaborations with local government, government line agencies, other NGOs and private sector organizations at local, province and national level. HuRENDEC is associated with various networks and associations which are important for institutional linkages, exchange of information and knowledge like NGO Federation, Collective Campaign for Peace (COCAP), Human Rights Alliance, District Water Sanitation and Hygiene Coordination Committee and District Disaster Management Committee. The organization has partnership with several development partners like UNDP, HELVETAS Swiss Inter-cooperation Nepal, EU, terre des homes Germany, BMZ Germany, TDH Netherland, World Bank/ PAF, Simenpuu Foundation Finland, DFID/RDIF, UN WFP, Plan International Nepal and Mercy Corps.