Human Rights and Environment Development Center (HuRENDEC) is a leading non- profit making Non- Government Organization (NGO) registered in Kalikot district. Kalikot is a mountainous district of mid- western development region of Nepal lying in the southwest part of Karnali zone. It consists of 3 municipalities and 7 rural municipalities. Since its’ official establishment in 1996 (2053), HuRENDEC has been working on need-based action oriented multi-disciplinary areas through social mobilization especially focusing on Human Rights, Lobby and Advocacy for the rights of women, children and socially disadvantaged groups. Its major areas for working are Livelihood support, Micro Enterprise Development, Good-governance, Disaster Risk Reduction, Rehabilitation/Recovery Response, Natural Resource Management and Environment friendly rural infrastructure, Sustainable Utilization of (natural) Resources and Promotion of Renewable Energy Technologies for addressing adverse effects of the Climate Change.

Over the years, HURENDEC has been successful in developing and transforming itself to a professional organization that is able to carry out development projects independent of any political, religious or racial considerations and in striving for sustainable results enriching equitable benefits to its target groups. 


Life of people in remote district Kalikot in Karnali region is hardship for fulfilling their basic needs. Range of Human Development Index (HDI) 1996, of the 75 districts in Nepal, Kalikot is ranked 73 from the bottom and HDI-status valid less than 0.400 on the flipped side summit is more than 0.550.  People have very rare to access to the substitute facilities of government and plan.  National and International development agencies have not reached nonetheless the country is having innumerable development agencies. In such situation, a group of youth in local level with strong commitment to serve in the community established an organization to bridge national to local level vice versa. From the start-up of 17 years, HuRENDEC has achieved expertise and recognition at national and international level in development sector.  It is well equipped with physical office equipment’s and expertise human resource at every level.