Kalikot is a mountainous district of a mid western development region of Nepal lying in the southwest part of Karnali zone. According to 2011, census total population of district is 1, 36,948 in which 68,115 are female and 68,833 are male. It consists of 30 Village Development Committees with nine ilakas and one election constituency. In Kalikot all total  215 Early Child Development Center and 290 Community Educational Institutes including 4 campus, 24 higher secondary schools 28 secondary, 60 lower secondary and 178 primary schools. According to 2069, published by District Education Office Kalikot “Education in Kalikot’ the average literacy rate is 61%, whereas 54% of women and 68% are male. This is also known as an entrance for the Karnali. Brahmin, chhetri, Thakuri, Damai, Kami, Sarki and Magar are the major castes of the district. According to the district categorized by HDI values of UNDP Nepal 2014, The Kalilot district HDI score is <.400. This district has one district level hospital, nine Ilaka level health post and 21 sub health post. Recently the Karnali Highway has connected it with Jumla and Dailekh with motor service.  Due to lack of human right education and fundamental political norms, there has been political confrontation between the political parties. Two people have already killed due to political confrontation. People think that the political parties are only for the elites and rich people. The Dalit and women have not access over the political leadership and their voices always been ignored. None of the political parties have central committee members from this district. The impunity in the district is increasing day after day.


Life of people in remote district Kalikot in Karnali region is hardship for fulfilling their basic needs. Range of Human Development Index (HDI) 1996, of the 75 districts in Nepal, Kalikot is ranked 73 from the bottom and HDI-status valid less than 0.400 on the flipped side summit is more than 0.550.  People have very rare to access to the substitute facilities of government and plan.  National and International development agencies have not reached nonetheless the country is having innumerable development agencies. In such situation, a group of youth in local level with strong commitment to serve in the community established an organization to bridge national to local level vice versa. From the start-up of 17 years, HuRENDEC has achieved expertise and recognition at national and international level in development sector.  It is well equipped with physical office equipment’s and expertise human resource at every level.