Targeted Group,Core Values


Disadvantaged, marginalized, underprivileged and un-touch-ability (Dalit) community, conflict affected and vulnerable group, and women and children


PARTICIPATORY INFORMATION: Equitable community participation (DAG groups, women and Janajati) from the very beginning of the needs identification, planning to achievement level.

PARTNERSHIP COOLABORATION: Partnership with the stakeholders and line agencies to generate synergic impact at the local level during program implementation.

WORKING THROUGH CBOs: Work with existing and formulation CBOS, clubs, cooperatives, groups etc.

GENDER EQUITY AND SOCIAL INCLUSION POVERTY: The socially and economically disadvantaged communities, women, children, dalit, janajati will be ensured at all levels of program implementation.

BOTTOM TO TOP PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTATION APPROACH: Right Based Approach will be the foundation of program implementation to ensure the needs of human beings.

ACCOUNTABILITY AND TRANSPARANCY: Responsible to accountability for transparency. Have transparency with accountability to ensure good governance.

NETWORKING, POLICY ADVOCACY AND LOBBING: Collaboration with DDC, VDC, Ward citizen Forum and Stakeholders, NGO/INGO, Government line agencies for sharing and exchange of activities, progress for further development).Facilitate with different bodies for organization’s capacity development.

TEAM WORK: Team work in all level of program implementation and development organization’s policy, rules and regulation.