Strategic Direction

Theme #1: Democratic and Inclusive HuRENDEC

  1. Institutional Development
  • Develop the institutional policies (Financial, administrative, GESI and governance, etc.)
  • Develop own infrastructure and establish the offices in the all 5 districts of Karnali
  • Promote social inclusion and democratic practice in institutional governing policies
  1. Well Developed Resource Center
  • Establishment of the library first in Manma and other district as well
  • Encourage staff members to use the resource centers and up date with current happening
  • Distribute membership to the local community people for use the resource center
  1. Specialization in Development of Karnali
  • Develop the different community based development model with the participation of local community people and promotion of the indigenous knowledge and technologies
  • Develop the integrated community based inclusive rural development model
  • Prepare the community people for adapt the new development technologies and change the cropping pattern and food habits
  1. Policy Advocacy, Lobbying and Networking
  • To revise the existing plan and provide feedback government to prepare the Karnali friendly development planning.
  • To create the alignment with the likeminded organization working for the prosperity of Karnali
  • Encourage research scholars (M.A., Ph.D. Scholar) to study about the existing situation of Karnali

Theme# 2: Peace and Prosperous Karnali

  1. Good Governance, Social and Economic Empower
  • To create the awareness to end the social and gender discrimination and promotion of the individual and human rights
  • To develop the accountable and responsible civil and political administration through the awareness and knowledge based advocacy programs.
  • To increase the social inclusion in community based organization to district level organization and sensitization to the concern stakeholders about the existing inclusion rules and regulations
  1. Agricultural, Forestry and Environmental Development
  • Introduce modern farming technologies and train for agro-based enterprises skills and facilitate to establish a agro-based enterprises
  • Introduce integrated land use systems, promote lease hold and agro-forestry and domestication of the non-timber forest products
  • Empower community forest user groups to update the management plan and implementation in their forest and harvest the optimum resources in sustainable way and facilitate to develop forest based enterprises
  1. Physical, Infrastructure and Energy Development
  • Creation of the employment opportunities, encourage to utilize local resources, expertise and regular monitoring and supervision of the whole infrastructure projects construction process through people participation
  • Empower to participate women and dalit community members in user group and strengthen their leadership quality and make them quality sensitive and transparent
  • Coordination with different experts group and organizations for Innovation new technologies for energy generation and water harvesting technologies and their expansion
  1. Education, Health and Communication
  • Encourage all people to send their children at school and make efforts to 100% enrollment of school age children
  • Make efforts for 99% survival rate of maternal and infant survival, and timely health check up of all children and awareness against epidemic
  • Take initiation to establish the Tele medicine center in the remote villages of the districts
  1. Enterprises, Tourism and Cultural Development
  • Empower people to establish different kinds of enterprises based on the locally available resources and management of the marketing of the products
  • Advocacy for the declaration of Karnali as one of the tourism destinations
  • Formation of network and carry out collaboration with local and regional likeminded organization to protect and promote the culture of Karnali and increase self esteem of the people of Karnali