An Art Collection on Climate Change-2016

Project sponsor TDG/BMZ Germany, Implementation partner HuRENDEC Nepal and associate organizations MCDC Mugu and RPUDP Humla are harmonize members of this beautiful, innovative publication named as “An Art Collection on Climate Change-2016”. It is the output of SURHR project running in 50 Himalayas community of Karnali Region (Kalikot-30, Mugu-10 and Humla-10 VDCs).

Per VDC 2 clubs (One Youth and One Child), total of 100 clubs are formation, where 14329 participants are directly participates in the variety of training activities. During the period of 4 years, 100 clubs are participated in art competitions; in this book only best 49 arts are included.

We are optimist; it would play effective medium to make awareness on Climate Change and Environment. It is the beautiful gift of SURHRP team including responsible organizations.

An Art Collection on Climate Change – 2016