Rural Water Supply And Sanitation Fund Development Board

Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Program is funded by Ministry of Water Supply and Sanitation, Nepal (RWSSFDB)/ World Bank, started at Asar 2073.
It is implemented in Kalikot district hovering 4 VDCs named as Rupsa, Chhapre, Daha and Malkot. It’s major objectives is to provide safe drinking water facility and related sanitation works. It also run different training activities in respective communities to ensuring sustainable development of the activities.
Development phase of the activities completed in Rupsa-9, Chhapre-3,5 and 6, Malkot-1 and 2, and Daha-8 of Badapani DWSS, Dimbar Mala DWSS, Panimula DWSS and Mejar Pakha DWSS respectively.
Installation phase running on.