3kw Pico- Hydro Installed at Chhapre-1, Bali, Kalikot.


The project was constructed by Renewable Energy Water and Sanitation Company Pvt. Ltd. Kalikot in support of Sustainable Utilization of Resources in Himalayan Project (BMZ/TDH Germany) in social mobilization of Human Rights and environment Development Center (HuRENDEC) Kalikot.This is one of the model projects in the sense that there was active participation of community people for its installation including the financial contribution. In the total cost of the project 50 percent cost was contributed from the community. After the completion of the project opening ceremony was organized by Mul Khola Micro Hydro Users Committee, Bali. The project was inaugurated by parliamentarian Mr. Tula Raj Bista, chief guest of the program, in the presence of Mr. Pradip Shrestha(CDO), DSP including other representatives from governmental and nongovernmental organization. Through the project in total 100 household are benefited.