Poverty Alleviation through Integrated Development (PAID)

Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF) – the World Bank funded project has been in operation this project from 2006 in 5 VDC of Kalikot with pursuing four components social mobilization, income generation, community infrastructure development and capacity development related activities.

The project starts its’ journey from at local level VDC and DDC orientation, group formation of right holder through PRA tools, Start and Improve Your business training to right holder and  fund mobilizing training. The project launched income generation activities livestock rising, herbal tea and turmeric entrepreneur, and off seasonal vegetable farming.  Similarly, drinking and irrigation water supply system. As a result, 12-water and sanitation, 2 – Pico-Hydro of 6 k.w., 1 each micro hydro of 60, 100, 20, 30 k.w. A total of 21145 people are benefitted and accommodated in 121 community based organizations from 2779 households. Amongst them, 1778 household in livestock rising and 764 in enterprises development people are economically self sustained.