Linking small Holder local institution and Market (LINK)

Link project is the continuation of LIVE project of 2008 in collaboration with HELVETA Swiss Interoperation. This project started with three VDCs, now it is extended to 15 VDCs in Kalikot. It focuses to identity indigenous income generating activities bridged into the modern development of agriculture and Non Timber Forest Product (NTFP) technology and commercializes the products of right-holder’s groups. The project formulated a total of 26 vegetable production groups and among them 17 groups is continued by LINK. It contributes to local government planning process and developed periodic of 15 VDCs and continues to review and follow up to ensure quality implementation. The project served to 2600 population, among them 80% population enrolled in capacity development training and received seeds of vegetable and 50% population are economically scaled up to fulfill daily needs.