Local Infrastructure for Livelihood Improvement (LILI)

This program has started in 2008 in collaboration with HELVETAS Swiss Inter-cooperation to contribute in the life of marginalized, deprive community having components of livelihood, food security and generating modern agriculture plan. The project enhanced capacity of user’s groups in multiple ways conducting training on leadership, procurement, account, management of maintenance fund for sustainability. It is interlinked with VDC and DDC periodic plan. This project has covered 8 VDCs in Kalikot.

It has constructed 15 – plastic pond, 23 – canal and conserved out-let spring water for agricultural irrigation. It is sufficient to irrigate to 62.5 hectors land. The project has formulated 38 user’s groups. A total of 16798 people have been benefitting in their agricultural work. The ration of local food crops production has been increasing and cash crops commercialized to the local market. This has contributed in an economic empowerment and food security.