Trail – Bridge Support Program (TBSU)

Trail – Bridge Support Program is a live program in context of Kalikot. It focuses on physical infrastructure to install suspension bridge, livelihood improvement of Karnali’s people through social mobilization and infrastructure development. This project is supported by Sector Wise…

Youth Training on Disaster Preparedness (YTDP)

The project has been launched in the 15 VDCs of Kalikot since April 2015 to till December 2015. The project has been supported to TDH Germany. The objective of the project is to empower youth on disaster preparedness and engage…

Local Governance and Community Development Program(LGCDP)

The project has been launched since January 2010 to till date. The objective of the project is to sensitize to the public people about their responsibility and to make responsible to public service provider. The project has been implemented in…

Local Infrastructure for Livelihood Improvement (LILI)

This program has started in 2008 in collaboration with HELVETAS Swiss Inter-cooperation to contribute in the life of marginalized, deprive community having components of livelihood, food security and generating modern agriculture plan.

Micro- Enterprises Development Program (MEDEP)

The joint venture of UNDP and HuRENDEC since 2012 has focused to improve livelihood of people through micro enterprises. 348 entrepreneurs in 39 groups have formulated and mobilized in 30 VDC and 10 market centers established to supply and consume the product. This project has served to 1740 people in project VDCs.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Energy is the basic requirements of life support system and social development. Nepal is a rural country where 85 percent of its 22 million population lives in rural areas. Most of rural people have been dependent on traditional source of…